Still here. Also, hire me!

By Courtney, Jul 8 2016 05:46PM

Hello again, ladies and germs!

I haven’t been around ye olde blog for a few months now -- not since February; where does the damn time go? -- but that’s mostly because I haven’t had all that much to report on ... Work is going well; lots and lots of writing, and I even got to do a voiceover for an Emmy® submission for one of the bigger segments of our “pixie-dusted” company. But a few shows that I auditioned for this spring didn’t pan out ... in a lot of ways, it’s been nice to have some free time -- but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t missing the stage!

To that end, if you happen to run across this website and you’re looking for a Los Angeles character actress par excellence (if I do say so myself, and [as someone who's working on their self esteem issues] I do) who can sing and act and kinda dance, reach out and touch somebody’s hand. Just make sure that someone is me.

Also, I’ve been looking to get back into voiceover, professionally; doing that little gig at work reignited my passion. So check out some of my demos here, or drop a line to discuss.

Hope all is well, and Happy Summer!

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