By Courtney, Jun 5 2017 05:45PM

Friend(s) and fan(s)! I have some fabulous news — I was recently cast as Elizabeth Benning in Conejo Players Theatre’s upcoming production of "YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" … the ridiculously hilarious stage musical based on the legendary 1974 Mel Brooks comedy of the same name! As a die-hard Mel fan, and someone who has been quoting "Young Frankenstein" since she was born (I’m not kidding), I cannot adequately express my excitement …

One thing to note — while the show opens on Friday, July 14th, my own personal “opening night” is the following Thursday, July 20th. Due to a prior work commitment (something that’s been on the books for over a year), I unfortunately have to miss the first three performances — so our choreographer (and my lovely friend) Amie will be on as Elizabeth in my stead. But I’ll be taking the stage for all other performances — so you have four full weekends (we close August 13th) to catch the show with yours truly as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein’s “adorable madcap fiancé”!

After not treading the boards in over a year, I’m so excited to be back in rehearsals — and I’m already having a blast with my uber-talented cohorts. If you’re local to SoCal, this is a show you won’t wanna miss! For more info, click here.

Here’s to an amazing summer! <3

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